Tutorial How to Install & Configure Rewardify.app's Rewards & Points Shopify App

In this tutorial, we will walk through how to install Rewardify.app within the Shopify app marketplace, how to configure your Shopify rewards and points program, and lastly how to customize your dedicated rewards page.

Step 1 - Start Install

Head over to the Rewardify.app Shopify Listing and click "Add App"

Step 2 - Complete Install

Walk through the prompt and click "Install App."

Step 3 - Configure Points Program

Update how many points members earn and how they can redeem.

Step 4 - Publish Dedicated Rewards Page

This step creates a rewards template and page on your Shopify store.

Step 5 - Add App Extension

Click "Customize." * Due to Shopify's theme 2.0 updates, stores are now required to add app extensions through the Admin editor.

Step 6 - Edit Rewards Template

Click the top drop down and select Pages > rewards. Note: clicking publish in Step 4 is required for this to be present.

Step 7 - Add App Extension to Template

In the "App Blocks" section, click "Add Block" and select Rewards Template.

Step 8 - Customize Dedicated Rewards Page Content

Select your brand colors and update the content to fit your stores style!